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How do I perform a scan on my website?
How do I perform a scan on my website?

The step by step process for performing a site scan using the Scanner feature in Tag Inspector. Find all the TAGS loading on your site!

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Learn how to perform one of the core features of Tag Inspector, using Scanner to detect all the Tags loaded on your site. 

Scanner is a industry leading tool that helps our clients:

  1. Create a Tag Governance Policy (Audit).

  2. Monitor their Website against the introduction of unwanted Tags, and ensure approved Tags are on the pages they need to be.

  3. Detect all site Tags for Privacy Compliance (GDPR/CCPA etc.). 

  4. Ensure Website Page/Tag performance with detailed load time metrics.

Watch the video or read below to learn how to perform a basic scan using the Scanner feature in Tag Inspector.

Step-by-step to perform a site scan

Go to, Login/Register for free account on the top right of your browser.

Once you have logged in or created an account ensure Scanner is selected on the top left side of the dashboard to enable Tag Inspector for scanning mode.
*Note that the Realtime feature is available only for premium account holders.

Select "Start A New Scan," on the top right side of the dashboard.

In the New Scan window enter the URL you would like to scan in the text box. Use the slider to adjust the number of pages you would like to scan. (Free accounts are limited to 50 page scans)
Press "Next Step" once your Selections have been made.

In the next step of the New Scan window you will select options to narrow or broaden the scan data you are looking for. Here are the items to consider:

  1. Do you want to include subdomains of the URL you are scanning, like a blog or knowledge base.

  2. Do you want to include the secure HTTP schema in your scan?

  3. Do you want Scanner to accept cookies if consent is required on your URL? (Beta feature, currently supports cookie consent by Evidon, Tealium, OneTrust, TrustArc/Truste, Ensighten, Tag Commander and Baycloud)

  4. Which Browser platform do you want Scanner to emulate, Chrome, Safari, Mobile Safari, IE, etc.

  5. Do you want to emulate traffic from outside the United States? Scanner will emulate sessions from other countries, this is a premium feature.

  6. Do you want to enable any advanced Scan options? Advanced scan options are covered in detail here.

In the final step of the New Scan window enter the start date of your scan (Today is automatically entered) and select the scan frequency if you would like to perform regular scans. Press "Begin Scan!"
*Note that the Scan Frequency feature is available only for premium account holders.

Depending upon the number of pages you have selected for your scan, Scanner will present results within 1-24 hrs. 

You will be emailed automatically when your scan is complete, or you can check back manually by logging into your account, selecting Scanner, then "My Scans," then click the URL of your website to view the scan report.

Your scan report is now ready! Tag Inspector will provide a detailed overview of all the tags loaded on each page, tag parameters set, tag descriptions, tag/page load time and more!

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