Tag Inspector pricing is determined by several factors based on your organizations needs and size. This can be broken into the two primary features of Tag Inspector, Scanner and Realtime. Here are some of the features that affect pricing:


  1. How many pages on your site(s) need to be scanned for tags.
  2. How many scans will you need to perform monthly.
  3. Do you need advanced features like scheduled scans, scan policies (whitelists/blacklists), or API Access.


  1. Do you want to add Realtime to your license? (What is Realtime Learn More)
  2. How many user hits do you need to collect on a monthly bases to validate your tags.
  3. Do you want to add the PII Autodetection feature? (Learn More)
  4. Do you need advanced features like API Access?

Pricing can be found here for our standardized plans, every organizations requirements may be different, contact our partnership team to customize a plan that meets your needs. sales@taginspector.com

*InfoTrust offers consulting around GDPR, CCPA and other regulatory privacy issues. Tag Inspector is a key component to understanding the tag architecture of your digital properties and creating a Tag Governance Policy for your organization. 

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