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Does Tag Inspector detect Tags in the checkout funnel?
Does Tag Inspector detect Tags in the checkout funnel?
Find out how Tag Inspector can detect tags in the all important checkout funnel!
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Collecting data during purchase events and strategic user goals on your website is of paramount importance to digital marketers. Ensuring that all the data collection tags are in place when these events occur is a must. Here are 3 ways Tag Inspector can help:


Scanner is the core feature of Tag Inspector, it crawls or "spiders" all pages of your URL to detect Tags. It cannot on its own perform actions like "add to cart," input usernames/passwords/email, add quantities, or enter a credit card for a test transaction. The free version of Tag Inspector would not be able to detect tags inside checkout funnels that require the input of some form of data to progress through the funnel. We do have a "Macro" feature that we can enable on premium accounts. The Macro will be custom created by our technical team to repeat the user actions you want to scanner to perform. I.E. Add a particular item to the cart and progress through checkout. Scans can be run on a scheduled basis with the Macro enabled, this will ensure the required Tags are found within your checkout funnel.  This would also apply to scanning for Tags behind a login. Learn more about scanning behind a login here.


Realtime is a premium feature of Tag Inspector that validates Tags during live user interactions with your site! The most common use case for Realtime is to validate tags firing during strategically critical user events like purchases and checkout funnel. Learn more about Realtime here.

3. Tag Explorer

Tag Explorer is a Chrome extension or "plugin" developed by the Technical team at Tag Inspector. When this extension is enabled on your Chrome browser it detects all the Tags loading on the page you are currently browsing. Tag Explorer can be used while you browse through a checkout funnel, making it a quick way to spot check your Tags in the funnel (Albeit manually). Learn more about Tag Explorer here.

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