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I want to whitelist the Tag Inspector Scanner, what IP address do I use?
I want to whitelist the Tag Inspector Scanner, what IP address do I use?

Learn about Static IP scanning with Tag Inspector

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By default the Tag Inspector Scanner is uses a dynamic IP address, therefore the free version of Tag Inspector and Premium accounts will be a random IP. If you have a instance in which you must whitelist the scanner feature to scan your website here is the process:

  1. You must have a premium license, we cannot perform static IP scanning on the free version.

  2. Contact Tag Inspector support or your InfoTrust Consultant to request that your Tag Inspector account is setup for Static IP scanning.

  3. Whitelist the IP Address(s) below based on the scan region you are using for your scans.

  4. Use the Scanner feature as you would normally, all your scans will now be using a static IP address. 

By default scans are set to the US, Virginia region, but Tag Inspector allows scans from various worldwide regions if that feature is enabled on your account. Be sure to whitelist the correct IP's based on your needs. (Whitelist both IP's for each region, the first is the primary IP and the second is the "fallback" IP, both could be used) See the list below for reference:

US, Virginia

US, California

Sydney, Australia

Frankfurt, Germany:

London, England:

Paris, France:

São Paulo, Brazil:

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