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Does Tag Inspector have an option to quickly view the tags loading on a single page?
Does Tag Inspector have an option to quickly view the tags loading on a single page?

Find out how to view Tags loading on a single page of your website quickly and easily with the Tag Explorer Chrome Plugin.

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The Scanner feature in Tag Inspector will certainly tell you the Tags loading on any single page in the "Pages" report. Sometimes you need to do a quick spot check to validate Tags are loading you expect. One example would be to see what tags are loading before and after you "accept" the cookie consent banner on your URL to ensure regulatory compliance. Maybe your web development team just rolled out a new pixel or Tag Manager and you need to do a fast verification. For these reasons and many more the Tag Inspector team created a Chrome Plugin called Tag Explorer. 

Tag Explorer uses the same expansive 2,500+ Tag Library as our award winning Tag Inspector product, so you will be confident we will find the Tags you are looking for. You can install the Tag Explorer Chrome extension here.

Once installed Tag Explorer appears as a "magnifier" on the right side of your address bar in chrome next to any other extensions you may have installed. As long as the Tag Explorer extension is enabled it will search for Tags on every page you browse, if any tages are found a count will appear in the green box below the magnifying lens, just like the example above.

Clicking the Tag Explorer extension will list out all the Tags we discovered.

Selecting a individual Tag will list out all the network requests made by the platform. 

Selecting the three "dots" next to a network request will provide any parameters and values passed in the request.

As you can see Tag Explorer is a useful tool for quick Tag Analysis, and I forgot to mention the best part, it is free! 

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