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My website has visitors from multiple countries, does the Scanner feature in Tag Inspector emulate this behavior?
My website has visitors from multiple countries, does the Scanner feature in Tag Inspector emulate this behavior?

Find out more about the scan regions feature and use cases in Tag Inspector

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A foundational aspect of any Tag Governance Process must be consideration of any privacy and compliance regulations relevant to an organization. We’ve seen GDPR completely change the data collection landscape in the EU and across the globe. As more and more organizations are coming to terms with the new tracking environment, conditional tag execution is becoming more the rule than the exception.

In response to this trend of varying tag behavior based upon the location of the user visiting a website, Tag Inspector a functionality to select a geolocation from which to run Scans!

With this option, users are able to define the location from which they would like Scanner traffic to be generated. The effect is the ability to simulate a user that is accessing the site from the US, several locations in the EU, or from Australia. This will identify changes in tag behavior on your site based upon user location and more thoroughly audit tag behavior for site users protected by GDPR.

Common Use Cases:

  1. Tag Auditing and Monitoring for GDPR - Scan your domains as if the site is being accessed by a user from France, Germany, or the UK to take the guesswork out of identifying the collection of any Personal Data on your site. 

  2. Test the Implementation of a Consent Management Solution - Use a combination of the GeoLocation Scan Options and our Cookie/Tracking Consent Options to ensure the Consent Management Solution on your site is blocking tags from loading as expected. Having a Policy and solution for GDPR is great, but it must be working to be compliant.

  3. Test Conditional Loading of Tags on a US site - A conservative solution being used by some clients is to block tags from loading for EU users on their US sites. The implementation of this is reliant on accurately identifying the Country of Origin for traffic and the proper configuration of tags to not execute when the traffic is originated from the EU. Run Scans simulating this behavior to test and monitor the configuration of tags in this scenario.

The Functionality:

With a Premium License of Tag Inspector, you will see a new option to select the Scan Region in Step 2 of creating a new Scan.

Simply use the drop-down menu to select the Region from which the Scan should be run. The results of the Scan will then reflect the selection. In any Scan report you can view the Scan Origin applied to the Scan in the Report Overview section of reporting:

Auditing and monitoring tags for GDPR and regional-specific privacy requirements are made easier with Tag Inspector. Scan sites as a user from the EU to ensure your Governance Policy is properly implemented and working.

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