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Guide to common Google Analytics Realtime Validation Rules
Guide to common Google Analytics Realtime Validation Rules
How to create common Google Analytics Realtime Validation rules to ensure your website is collecting the Data you need!
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To create Realtime Validation rules you must have a premium Tag Inspector license and the Realtime script running on your website. Learn more about Realtime here

To create a realtime rule, log in to Tag Inspector, select Realtime, then select "Rules." 

Select "Add Rule" to create a Rule.

This will take you to the Rule creation screen. You are ready to create some validation Rules! Follow the examples below to create validation rules for the most common GA data collection scenarios.

Google Tag Manager Loading (All pages on URL)

(Title your rule and make the appropriate selections in the drop down boxes)

Standard Pageview Tracking (All pages on URL)

E-commerce Transaction Tracking

E-Commerce Checkout Steps tracking

E-Commerce Add To Cart tracking

E-Commerce Remove From Cart Tracking

E-Commerce Product Detail View

E-Commerce Product Impression

E-Commerce Product Click Tracking

E-Commerce Promotion Click Tracking

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