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Tag Inspector did not find all the Tags I expected, what do I do?
Tag Inspector did not find all the Tags I expected, what do I do?

Find out the common reasons Tag Inspector may not detect all the Tags, and how to resolve the problem.

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I've run a scan but I am missing some Tags that I expect to be on the website, why is this and what can I do?

Tag Inspector only knows how to "accept" cookies from certain cookie consent providers. Currently we support Evidon, Tealium, OneTrust, TrustArc/Truste, Ensighten, Tag Commander and Baycloud. If your website is using any other cookie consent tool our Scanner does not know how to "Accept Cookies," therefore Tags will not load, or a limited number of Tags will load. 

If you believe this is the case contact us and we will create a solution for your URL. 

Does your website use Recaptcha/Firewall?

If your website uses Recaptcha or has a firewall specifically configured to block robots, this could prevent Tag Inspector completely or limit its ability to crawl your website and detect Tags. 

We do have the ability for premium users to have Tag Inspector scan from a Static IP address, which will give your website development team the opportunity to whitelist Tag Inspector for scanning. Contact us if you believe this may be the case, and certainly we can help in making this determination! Find out more about Static IP scanning here.

Maybe you are using a Tag that is not in our Library!

This is a rare case but possible that you are using a Tag that is not already defined in our 2,500 + Tag library. We make a deliberate effort to include new platforms as they come online and regularly update our Tag library, but you could have something we missed. If you feel this is potentially the case contact us and we will add the platform into the system right away!

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