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Tag Inspector did not find any Tags on my website, what do I do?
Tag Inspector did not find any Tags on my website, what do I do?

Find out the common reasons Tag Inspector may be blocked from detecting Tags, and how to resolve the problem.

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You have run a scan on a website and Tag Inspector reported "No Tags here..." Why is this and what can be done to correct it?

Tag Inspector only knows how to "accept" cookies from certain cookie consent providers. Currently we support Evidon, Tealium, OneTrust, TrustArc/Truste, Ensighten, Tag Commander and Baycloud. If your website is using any other cookie consent tool our Scanner does not know how to "Accept Cookies," therefore Tags will likely not load. 

If you believe this is the case contact us and we will create a solution for your URL. 

Does your website require a login?

Tag Inspector does not have the inherent ability to create a username and password for a site that requires credentials to view. If you are scanning a password protected site or page we will not detect the Tags. 

If this is the case we do have a solution for Premium Tag Inspector customers. We can make a custom macro of a test user logging in and entering a password. Then a scan can be created using the login Macro. This feature is enabled by the technical team here at Tag Inspector, contact us if you think you will need the service enabled.

Does your website use Recaptcha/Firewall?

If your website uses Recaptcha or has a firewall specifically configured to block robots, this could prevent Tag Inspector completely or limit its ability to crawl your website. 

We do have the ability for premium users to have Tag Inspector scan from a Static IP address, which will give your website development team the opportunity to whitelist Tag Inspector for scanning. Contact us if you believe this may be the case, and certainly we can help in making this determination! Find out more about Static IP scanning here.

There are no Tags on your URL!

Unusual but possible! If you are using a Tag Management system like Google Tag Manager, and it is responsible for loading all Tags, you could have a situation in which the Tag Manager was accidently removed!

The Tag Inspector team developed a chrome plugin, Tag Explorer, that uses the same Tag library as Tag Inspector. The plugin is free and a easy way to check if a single page on your website is loading any Tags at all, you can download it here. If a scan reports "no tags found" might be worth running Tag Explorer just to be sure that you do actually have Tags on the URL!

When in doubt check the scan logs!

In the Scan Report for the URL in Tag Inspector you will find a "Scan Logs" section, which may be able to point you in the right direction in some cases.

As always, if you cannot determine the cause you can always reach out to us and we will investigate!

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