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How do I export Data from Tag Inspector?
How do I export Data from Tag Inspector?

Find out how to export all the data you need from Tag Inspector

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Tag Inspector has a Export feature which allows you to create custom exports in .csv format that can be used for Documentation/Tag Governance needs. Exports are available for both the Scanner and Realtime feature in Tag Inspector. Here is the step-by step for creating an export:

To start press the export button on the top right of the application next to "Start a New Scan."

This will bring you to the exports page in the application. Select the "Start a New Export Button."ย 

This will allow you to select a export from Scanner or Realtime.

In the example above "Scans" was selected, the application will ask you to select which scan/date you want a export from. Pick or search for a scan in the list.

Next you will select the type of export you want to download.

Then you will select the fields and data to be populated in the export .csv, if you do not see the data you are looking for, go back and change the export type. When you have made your selection select submit.

Your new export will be queued and depending upon the amount of data in the export may take as little as a few minutes to 24 hours to complete. When the export is complete a download button will appear for you to download the .csv

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