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Is there an API available for Tag Inspector?
Is there an API available for Tag Inspector?

Find out where you can find the Tag Inspector API and common use cases.

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The Tag Inspector API allows for access to structured data so it can be integrated into your own systems. Most of the data you see in Tag Inspector’s interface is available through the API, along with some additional data points.

Our clients that utilize the API include some very successful tag management systems. They use the capabilities of Tag Inspector within their platforms so their clients can validate the deployment of the tag management system.


  • Constant monitoring and reporting of analytics/conversion tags on your site in performance dashboards

  • Aggregation of competitor research by scanning and reporting on their website

  • Pulling in all the tag implementation and JavaScript errors for your site


Here are the endpoints available from Tag Inspector’s API:

  • List of Tags Found on the Site

  • List of Pages Scanned

  • JavaScript Errors on the Site

  • Tag Implementation Errors

  • Network Logs for loading the Tags / Tags on specific pages

  • Tag Hierarchy Information

  • Tag Rules Violation

  • Tag Hierarchy Visualization – get a visual map of tags firing on the site.


All responses are in JSON format and all request parameters are mandatory unless explicitly marked as [optional] in the documentation.


For more detailed information on the API, please Contact Us.

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