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What tags does Tag Inspector support?
What tags does Tag Inspector support?
Tag Inspector has an industry leading 2500+ Tag library, find out what Tags we support and how they are added.
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We currently have 2,500+ classified tags documented in our tag library database. The more site scans we have, the more this library will continue to grow and update. With every site scan we run, we find all tags that are classified and build the reports you see in the interface. However, for all unclassified or unknown tags, we collect those in a separate repository to review. If there are any common tags found that are not classified, our team of highly qualified marketers research the tag and script to get the information needed to classify it in our tag library.

Since Tag Inspector can find image tags, JavaScript files, and other forms of tags, we update the tag library several times a month.

You can view a list of supported Tags here

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