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What information is in the scan report from Tag Inspector?
What information is in the scan report from Tag Inspector?

Overview of all the data collected in a scan report using the Scanner feature in Tag Inspector.

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Scanner is a industry leading tool that helps our clients:

  1. Create a Tag Governance Policy (Audit).

  2. Monitor their Website against the introduction of unwanted Tags, and ensure approved Tags are on the pages they need to be.

  3. Detect all site Tags for Privacy Compliance (GDPR/CCPA etc.). 

  4. Ensure Website Page/Tag performance with detailed load time metrics.

Watch the video or read below to learn more about the data included in the Scan Report generated by the Scanner feature in Tag Inspector.

To view a scan report in Tag Inspector, login, select "Scanner" in the top left corner of the application, in "My Scans" click the URL of the scan you would like to view. 

This will take you to the Scan Overview Tab. 

Scan Overview Tab

The Scan Overview Tab will tell you basics statistics about the scan such as the number of pages scanned, number of Tags found, and what settings where applied to the scan. From the report you have the option to rerun the scan, share the scan (this creates a view only link), or download a .csv export of the scan. We also display a Tag Hierarchy of how the tags where loaded on the site.

Lines drawn to the URL are Tags loaded directly from the website source code, lines drawn to other Tags are tags loaded by a Tag Management System or are "piggybacking" from other Tags.

Tag Details Tab

The Tag Details Tab lists all the Tags found by Scanner, and provides a graph of the Tag coverage on all your pages. Selecting a Tag in this list will display further information about the Tag, including:

  1. A Tag Description

  2. A Tag hierarchy of how this Tag was loaded on your site

  3. Any parameters set by the Tag (Export Available)

  4. All pages containing the Tag (Export Available)

  5. All pages missing the Tag (Export Available)

  6. Any cookies set by the Tag (Export Available)

Pages Tab

The Pages Tab will list all the pages scanned by Scanner. Selecting a page will provide detailed load times for the page and you will find a Tag hierarchy of all the Tags loaded on this particular page.

The Pages Tab lists the sequence in which all the Tags fired and the request time for each on the page.

Cookies Tab

The Cookies Tab provides all the cookies set by your site.

Clicking a cookie in the list will launch a table of all the pages containing this cookie.

Tag Rules Tab

The Tag Rules Tab will report any violations of the whitelist/blacklist policy you created with our "Tag Rules" feature in Scanner. This feature enables you to identify Tags you require, allow, do not allow and notifies you via email if any violations are detected. 

Scan Log Tab

The Scan Log Tab lists duplicate pages Scanner ignored, along with any pages containing redirects. The log will also report any pages we failed to scan due to extended load times or timeouts.

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