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What is the Realtime feature in Tag Inspector and how does it work?
What is the Realtime feature in Tag Inspector and how does it work?
Learn more about the Realtime feature in Tag Inspector, how it ensures your tags are working and collecting the data you want.
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What is Realtime?

Realtime is a premium feature of Tag Inspector that validates your Tags are firing and that the expected data is being collected. Realtime allows for rule creation which will alert you if a Tag is not firing properly, telling you quickly that your data is not collecting. Realtime can help your organization:

  1. Collect tag data from every page of every site within your enterprise

  2. Collect data on private sections of your site (private testing sites, tags firing behind login/authentication, and internal applications)

  3. Validate tag behavior within complex checkout or navigation funnels

  4. Validate tags firing conditionally (tags that only fire when users come from a particular source or have a particular characteristic)

  5. Validate tags that fire upon user engagements, such as a click or scroll

How Does Realtime Work?

Tag Inspector Realtime works by placing a snippet of Javascript (a 'Tag') on the pages you are wanting to monitor. It then passively 'listens' to other tags firing on your site while users are browsing pages and interacting with elements. Reporting shows what tags are firing on each page, what parameters are being passed by each tags, and the values populating each parameter. See all the data being collected to ensure everything is working properly!

Validation rules can also be configured within the interface to validate that tags are loading at the correct time and are sending proper data. Validation rules are extremely flexible and can be configured to validate complex tag firing rules, such conversion pixels firing conditionally in a checkout funnel.

Javascript variables/objects such as a DataLayer can also be validated to ensure the correct parameters are populating. Realtime ensures nothing goes wrong with your tags and compliance policy!

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