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How do I Setup Realtime on my Website?
How do I Setup Realtime on my Website?
Learn how to enable Realtime on your website and start validating your analytic hits!
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To start using the realtime feature in Tag Inspector two items must be accomplished:

  1. Upgrade your account to premium (Contact

  2. Install the Realtime JavaScript on your website.

Below is the step-by-step process for obtaining the Realtime Script for your web site:

Once your account has been upgraded with Realtime enabled, login to Tag Inspector and select the Realtime icon in the top left corner of the application. Select the "Sites" tab, then "Add Site."

You are able validate multiple sites with Realtime, if you have several URLS you want to track, or different website for different countries make sure the Site Name is meaningful for the particular property. Press "Save."

The new site has now been added to Realtime, it may take 2-5 minutes for the Realtime JavaScript to be generated. Select "Get Tracking Code" for the URL you want to track.

You can now copy the tracking code to insert into the source code of your URL. We recommend placing the Script in the header of the page(s) or you can use a Tag Manager like Google Tag Manager to insert the script. 

*Note that Realtime will not impact the performance of your website, it loads asynchronously so it will not block other scripts on the page. Realtime "listens" to what is happening on the page, rather than intruding with what is going on.

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