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What is a Tag and what is Tag Inspector?
What is a Tag and what is Tag Inspector?
A high level overview of the features and use cases of Tag Inspector. Learn what Tag Inspector is and can do for your organization.
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What is a Tag anyway?

A tag is a small piece of code (JavaScript) that is loaded on your website which typically calls an external application (Google Analytics, Facebook etc.),  that collects useful data about visits to your website. Most Tags collect anonymous information about user visits, like pages viewed, time spent on the site, elements of the site they interacted with, etc. Some Tags collect PII (Personally Identifiable Information), this information is very useful to marketers, but also the target of regulation from the EU (GDPR) and State of California (CCPA), with more state regulatory authorities expected.

What is Tag Inspector?

Tag Inspector is a proprietary browser based application developed by InfoTrust, to report and verify data about the tags loaded on your website. Tag Inspector has two primary features, Scanner and Realtime:

Scanner is a "crawler" or "robot" that browses every page on your website and detects Tags using one of the most robust Tag libraries in the Industry. (Over 2,500 Tags defined)

After each scan of your website is complete, Scanner will report data about the tags loaded on your website, including  the Tag Hierarchy above (And if any Tags are "Piggybacking" on other tags).

Scanner will report details regarding each Tag Loaded on your website, including Tag Parameters, Tag Description, Pages Containing/Missing the Tag, and Cookies set by the Tag. Exports in .csv are available for documentation purposes.

Scanner will report Tag details on a page by page basis. Useful Tag/Page load time is added into each scan.

A enhanced feature of Scanner allows for the creation of Tag White Lists and Black Lists, as well as scan scheduling.

Realtime is a premium feature of Tag Inspector that monitors and validate's live user hits on your website, ensuring the Tag's are firing and reporting the data you want.

Detailed validation rules can be created to ensure you can collect data on the Tags that are key to your business.

Alerts in Realtime can be created to notify you if a tag is not firing, or failing at a high rate.

What does all this mean for my digital property?

Tag Inspector helps your business in these key area's:

  1. Create a Tag Governance Policy (Audit).

  2. Monitor your Website against the introduction of unwanted Tags, and ensure approved Tags are on the pages they need to be.

  3. Detect all site Tags for Privacy Compliance (GDPR/CCPA etc.). 

  4. Ensure Website Page/Tag performance with detailed load time metrics.

  5. Monitor and validate that all your important Tags are firing, and be notified if they are not, before you start losing valuable data.

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